Action Planning for Process Improvement
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Whether just starting a process improvement effort or addressing the findings from a formal process appraisal, organizational improvement efforts must be planned. These improvement efforts should be planned just as a good project should be planned: goals defined, activities identified, resources specified, schedules calculated, end products defined, and progress tracked and reported. While many organizations are accustom to planning software projects through design, code, test, and delivery, they are not accustom to planning improvement efforts.

Action planning assistance from Sensible Process provides a structured approach that leads the organization's improvement team through the planning process. This service is conducted in workshop form, combining short lectures with exercises designed to begin the actual improvement action plan. The level of the service requested dictates how much of the action plan is completed during the workshop and how much will be left to the organization's improvement team to complete on their own.

To have Sensible Process provide the Action Planning for Process Improvement service to your organization, contact Sensible Process now.


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